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Zero Waste Traveling ?>

Zero Waste Traveling

Earlier this month Josh and I took a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. We spent five days touring Oaxaca City and three days in Puerto Escondido on the Pacific Coast. We had a fantastic time and were thankful to get away from the cold, wet and dreary Oregon winter for a bit. The trip was special because I studied abroad in Oaxaca the spring semester of my junior year of college in 2007 and it was my first time back so…

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Let’s Talk Trash ?>

Let’s Talk Trash

“What we throw away does not actually go away. What we throw away only becomes inaccessible in a landfill.” Last month I attended an event put on by Metro (Portland’s solid waste manager) titled “Let’s Talk Trash” at the Oregon Historical Society. It was part of a series of talks related to the Solid Waste Roadmap, Metro’s long-term effort to examine and determine the best approaches for managing the metro area’s waste. The Portland Metro Region’s trash is sent 150 miles east…

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On the Road to Zero Waste ?>

On the Road to Zero Waste

I’ve been following several “zero waste” accounts on Instagram lately. The concept and lifestyle is fascinating to me because those who choose that lifestyle live in stark contrast to the way the rest of the world tends to live. We have become a society obsessed and dependent upon things that are convenient and cheap, and often at the cost of the environment. Living a zero waste lifestyle requires that we buy things that are high quality and made to last, and that are made…

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