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Paint and refinishing hardwood floors ?>

Paint and refinishing hardwood floors

Well, we’ve survived another week of home ownership! We moved in a few weeks ago and have already made a lot of progress. We painted the walls, had the hardwood floors refinished, cleaned the house, fixed some electrical problems, put in closet organizing systems, cleaned out the gutters, and have started unpacking. Like I promised in my first blog post about the house, I am going to write about the different projects we take on and how we will strive…

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First time homebuyers ?>

First time homebuyers

Josh and I just bought a house! This is pretty big news for us, as we put an offer on this super cute ranch style home in SW Portland five months ago! It was a short sale and there were many times where we thought the sale would end up in disappointment, but luckily it worked out and we are now homeowners! When we started our house hunt in September, we had a pretty basic wish list. We wanted a…

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