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Just Eat It Part 2: Food Waste Audit ?>

Just Eat It Part 2: Food Waste Audit

A few weeks ago I wrote about my own struggles with food waste and how I’ve recently become aware of how much of a problem it is, thanks to a documentary and guide book about food waste. Chances are that you know you waste food – a head of lettuce here, stinky leftovers there. But it’s hard to know just how much is going bad without keeping track. Think about it this way. If you are trying to save money one of…

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Just Eat It: Tackling Food Waste ?>

Just Eat It: Tackling Food Waste

What would you say if I told you I threw $10 in the trash? You’d probably say something like “why would you do that? Do you think money grows on trees? If you don’t want money, give it to me!” The idea of throwing money in the trash is ridiculous, right? Now let me ask you this: what would you say if, instead of throwing $10 in the trash, I told you I threw a block of cheese or loaf of bread in the trash? Or…

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