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Zero Waste Traveling ?>

Zero Waste Traveling

Earlier this month Josh and I took a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. We spent five days touring Oaxaca City and three days in Puerto Escondido on the Pacific Coast. We had a fantastic time and were thankful to get away from the cold, wet and dreary Oregon winter for a bit. The trip was special because I studied abroad in Oaxaca the spring semester of my junior year of college in 2007 and it was my first time back so…

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Pop it Like It’s Hot: Low-Waste Snacking ?>

Pop it Like It’s Hot: Low-Waste Snacking

Lately it seems like I am on the go non-stop. Between work, volunteering, house responsibilities and social commitments it’s hard to find time to stop and relax. As social as I like to be, I’m an introvert at heart and sometimes I need some time alone, at home, to unwind and catch my breath. Last weekend I took some time for myself and stayed home on a Friday night while Josh left to spend time with friends, always the extrovert….

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Fermentation experimentation ?>

Fermentation experimentation

It’s no exaggeration when I say that fermented foods changed my life. Four years ago I was sick and unhealthy, and had no idea that the problem was not only what I was eating, but what I wasn’t eating. Thankfully, my nutritionist taught me that there was a solution, and that food can be a form of medicine. I’ve learned a lot about food since I started my journey to get healthy, but the most important lesson is the crucial…

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