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Happy Earth Day // My Legacy ?>

Happy Earth Day // My Legacy

A few years ago I put together a biography of my maternal grandparents. It stemmed from a speech President Obama gave early in his presidency about the importance of family and appreciating where we came from. It took me quite some time to collect photos, stories and family mementos, but it gave me a great appreciation for my grandparents and provided a new perspective of their lives that I didn’t have before. It also helped me discover how they had…

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Life, Death and The Pursuit of…Stuff? ?>

Life, Death and The Pursuit of…Stuff?

Last month I experienced a part of life that was new to me – I lost my first grandparent, my Grandmother Mae. Her health had been declining for a few years, and took a turn for the worst a few months ago, until her body finally had enough and she died peacefully, surrounded by our family. It’s been comforting to know that she is no longer in pain, but selfishly, I still want her to be here. I miss talking…

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