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Happy Earth Day // Wings of Life ?>

Happy Earth Day // Wings of Life

You’re familiar with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right? So let me ask you this: if a picture is worth so many words, what about a documentary that is full of┬ámillions of pictures? How many words it that worth? I was recently introduced to Louis Schwartzburg, a photographer and cinematographer who has been shooting time lapse photography for more than 30 years. His photography projects put him in nature for extended amounts of time, allowing him…

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Happy Earth Day // My Legacy ?>

Happy Earth Day // My Legacy

A few years ago I put together a biography of my maternal grandparents. It stemmed from a speech President Obama gave early in his presidency about the importance of family and appreciating where we came from. It took me quite some time to collect photos, stories and family mementos, but it gave me a great appreciation for my grandparents and provided a new perspective of their lives that I didn’t have before. It also helped me discover how they had…

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Happy Earth Day and Blog-iversary ?>

Happy Earth Day and Blog-iversary

Happy Earth Day! Three years ago today I converted my personal blog to Kelly’s Sustainable Life as a way to spread the knowledge I gained after completing the Master Recycler class in Yamhill County. So in honor of my three-year blog-iversary, I thought I would recap some of my favorite blog posts, plus give you a preview of some very exciting things happening in our backyard!