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How to eat out with food restrictions ?>

How to eat out with food restrictions

Awhile ago one of my co-workers asked me what he should order for a team lunch we were having. He heard that I avoid gluten and wanted to know if gluten free pizza would work because that seemed to be the easiest option. That’s when I smiled and told him I don’t eat dairy, so it would have to be gluten-free, cheese-less pizza. Oh, I said, it also needs to be vegetarian! After our exchange was over, I started to…

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Elimination Diet: Week 4 ?>

Elimination Diet: Week 4

Last week was both exciting and disappointing. I got to reintroduce four new food groups – grains, alcohol, dairy and added sugar. Adding these items to my diet was exciting because I was craving each of these things, but disappointing because all of them caused the negative symptoms I have been trying to avoid. I have to admit the outcome was not surprising. Before I started I had a feeling that added sugar and dairy were part of the problem,…

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Elimination Diet: Week 3 ?>

Elimination Diet: Week 3

I can hardly believe it, but today (Sunday) is the last day of our diet! Of course now we have to go through the process of reintroducing foods we eliminated, but we are DONE with eliminating everything, and I couldn’t be happier. This week was the best week of them all. It was also the week I was also on the cleanse, which was, well, interesting. Most of my meals consisted of a liver cleanse, herbal powder and pureed fruit…

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