This One’s For the Uterus: Waste-Free Periods ?>

This One’s For the Uterus: Waste-Free Periods

The irony that I am writing about periods on the eve of the inauguration for a President whose party is actively working to deny women access to reproductive healthcare does not escape me. I got my first period when I was 16, way later than allĀ of my friends. I was very self-conscious about this fact, and as a result I never talked about periods, or any of the uncomfortable stuff that comes with them, with anyone. It wasn’t until I…

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Baby, I’ve Got a Cold Remedy For You ?>

Baby, I’ve Got a Cold Remedy For You

I’ve got a cold as I write this but thanks to a few key ingredients I’m confident that by the New Year, it’ll be gone. Cold season is here so I figured I’d share with you the natural remedies I swear by. I already have a cold so clearly they don’t completely prevent them, but along with adequate rest I do think they reduce the severity of my symptoms and cut my colds by at least a few days, which…

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2016 Garden Recap ?>

2016 Garden Recap

  As I write this, it’s a dreary December day that has me dreaming of summer again. I love cool weather but looking at photos of our garden has me longing for warm days spent working in the dirt and laying in our hammock. This was a good year for our garden. Josh and I were home most of the summer so we had more time to tend to the crops and enjoy them than we have in the past…

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