My Favorite Sauce Recipes ?>

My Favorite Sauce Recipes

When I was learning to cook for myself in college I mostly ate prepackaged food and simple meals my mom used to cook when I was a kid. I ate vegetables but they were mostly baked into dishes like chicken and Stovetop stuffing, or chili.  A few years after college I developed some health problems and had to overhaul my diet. That meant incorporating a lot more vegetables and a lot less processed food. At first I hated it. Most of my meals were…

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Garden Update No. 1 + Front Yard Sneak Peek! ?>

Garden Update No. 1 + Front Yard Sneak Peek!

So far this season we’ve spent most of our spring weekends working in our yard and garden. To most people this probably doesn’t sound like an ideal weekend but over the past four years we’ve enjoyed the improvements we made so much that it is now one of our favorite places to be.  We’re pretty much in maintenance mode in the backyard, and most of our work goes into the garden. BUT, Josh started a new project in the front…

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All Natural Seasonal Allergy Remedies ?>

All Natural Seasonal Allergy Remedies

Portland is blooming and if you have seasonal allergies, you’re probably feeling it. During this time of the year many of us reach for Claritin or Benadryl to ease itchy throats, eyes and runny noses, and I used to as well. But then I discovered the magic of bee pollen, honey and essential oils for reducing allergy symptoms. Using natural remedies to reduce my allergy symptoms was appealing to me because over the counter remedies made me feel drowsy and…

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