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DIY Attic Insulation Installation ?>

DIY Attic Insulation Installation

An introduction to DIY attic insulation installation. Can you say that fast, three times in a row without stumbling? Yeah, me neither. But, what I can do is tell you what DIY attic insulation installation involves, and how to do it, because after attending a three-hour “Guide to Insulating Your Attic” workshop with Community Energy Project, I am now well-versed in air sealing and insulation speak, and could even tell you what a baffle, dropped soffit and a mushroom vent…

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Mighty Ductless Heat Pump ?>

Mighty Ductless Heat Pump

I don’t know about you, but I am so happy that cooler weather has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoyed the hot, dry summer we had but I am definitely ready for fall. I wore boots and a rain coat to work, walked through crunchy fall-colored leaves and made soup this week, all signs that fall is upon us. But as much as I like the shift to cool, crisp days in the fall, I don’t like being cold,…

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Everyone loves a good before and after + some accidental advice for life ?>

Everyone loves a good before and after + some accidental advice for life

Raise your hand if you’re a homeowner and still have a mile-long to do list with tasks that have been there since the day you moved in. [raises hand] The annoying thing about being a homeowner is that you never get everything on your list done, but I guess that can be fun too. When you have a constant stream of projects, you’re never bored and your house is continually improved. There are a lot of things still on that list…

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