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2015 Garden Recap ?>

2015 Garden Recap

You’ve heard it countless times already but I’m going to say it again: it was hot in Portland this summer! Not only did I hear it from the farmers at work, but I also experienced it right in our own backyard garden. Overall, it was a pretty good year for our garden despite the heat. We tried growing a few new crops (green beans, cabbage and delicata squash), avoided a few others (zucchini, carrots & snap peas) and tried some…

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The Garden of Merrick: 2015 edition ?>

The Garden of Merrick: 2015 edition

Despite our efforts to live a more relaxed and not so overly-planned life, we seem to be awfully busy. I’m not complaining, because the plans we have almost always involve spending time doing things we love, but I miss being away from our house so┬ámuch. Thankfully, the clouds happened to part (literally) this past weekend and Josh and I found ourselves with a Saturday free of commitments. After a trip to the Portland Farmers Market for our weekly groceries, we…

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What’s all the buzz about? An introduction to mason bees ?>

What’s all the buzz about? An introduction to mason bees

I don’t know about you, but I am loving this uncharacteristically warm and dry February weather. And even though I know very well that the rain will return, the blooming trees and daffodils in our neighborhood have me dreaming of spring and summer. This time last year Josh and I were just starting to plan out our backyard overhaul in time to start our garden, and it’s no different this year. In fact, Josh and I spent last Sunday combing…

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