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Fermentation experimentation ?>

Fermentation experimentation

It’s no exaggeration when I say that fermented foods changed my life. Four years ago I was sick and unhealthy, and had no idea that the problem was not only what I was eating, but what I wasn’t eating. Thankfully, my nutritionist taught me that there was a solution, and that food can be a form of medicine. I’ve learned a lot about food since I started my journey to get healthy, but the most important lesson is the crucial…

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Ten ways to reduce food waste ?>

Ten ways to reduce food waste

In my family, the holidays seem to be synonymous with eating. Not only is there a large meal that our Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings are centered around, but there are also the parties with lots of food and alcohol and the gifts of sweet treats and baked goods from friends, neighbors and families that seem to arrive every day during December. The consumption of all that food means one thing (well, except for the stomach aches and weight gain): a…

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Ten things I hate about…canning ?>

Ten things I hate about…canning

I was barely a teenager when the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” came out and I was instantly obsessed. I watched it over and over, and memorized all of the sarcastic lines that Julia Stiles’ character Kat, spewed at everyone around her. Ever since then there have been many more movies that use the same premise – guy’s friend bets him to trick girl into liking him, then the plan backfires and he falls in love with her,…

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