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Happy Earth Day // Wings of Life ?>

Happy Earth Day // Wings of Life

You’re familiar with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right? So let me ask you this: if a picture is worth so many words, what about a documentary that is full of millions of pictures? How many words it that worth? I was recently introduced to Louis Schwartzburg, a photographer and cinematographer who has been shooting time lapse photography for more than 30 years. His photography projects put him in nature for extended amounts of time, allowing him…

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You Can Help Fight Climate Change ?>

You Can Help Fight Climate Change

I don’t normally watch award shows but boy am I glad I made an exception for the Oscars this year. I hardly remember who won but I certainly remember Chris Rock’s race and equality commentary, Vice President Biden’s message about and Lady Gaga’s performance about sexual assault and Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech turned climate change call to action. For many reasons, we are often led to believe that individuals cannot bring about change, that we must wait for elected officials to put…

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Naturalist in the Life of a Child ?>

Naturalist in the Life of a Child

I have always loved nature. Growing up, many of our family vacations involved camping in the backwoods of Idaho or visiting the Oregon Coast. From wildflowers and rainbow trout to starfish and sand shrimp, I learned how important it is to respect nature. I believe this connection is why I am so passionate about protecting the environment and encourage others to do the same. When Josh and I were completing our home study in the fall, my love of nature came…

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