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Month: February 2016

Naturalist in the Life of a Child ?>

Naturalist in the Life of a Child

I have always loved nature. Growing up,┬ámany of our family vacations involved camping in the backwoods of Idaho or visiting the Oregon Coast. From wildflowers and rainbow trout to starfish and sand shrimp, I learned how important it is to respect nature. I believe this connection is why I am so passionate about protecting the environment and encourage others to do the same. When Josh and I were completing our home study in the fall, my love of nature came…

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Mason Bees: Recapped! ?>

Mason Bees: Recapped!

When I purchased our┬ámason bees last winter, I was worried I would kill them before they ever had a chance to live. I had never raised mason bees before and thought they were high maintenance, due to the fact that the cocoons had to be stored in the refrigerator with just the right amount of moisture and put out at just the right time of year in just the right place with enough sunlight to warm them up. Plus, I…

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