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Month: April 2015

Happy Earth Day // My Legacy ?>

Happy Earth Day // My Legacy

A few years ago I put together a biography of my maternal grandparents. It stemmed from a speech President Obama gave early in his presidency about the importance of family and appreciating where we came from. It took me quite some time to collect photos, stories and family mementos, but it gave me a great appreciation for my grandparents and provided a new perspective of their lives that I didn’t have before. It also helped me discover how they had…

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Pop it Like It’s Hot: Low-Waste Snacking ?>

Pop it Like It’s Hot: Low-Waste Snacking

Lately it seems like I am on the go non-stop. Between work, volunteering, house responsibilities and social commitments it’s hard to find time to stop and relax. As social as I like to be, I’m an introvert at heart and sometimes I need some time alone, at home, to unwind and catch my breath. Last weekend I took some time for myself and stayed home on a Friday night while Josh left to spend time with friends, always the extrovert….

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Second house anniversary! ?>

Second house anniversary!

One of my favorite things to do is look at “before and after” photos of projects and home renovations on Apartment Therapy. I am continually impressed by the skills others have when improving an object or space, which is probably why I love to write about our house so much — we’re constantly moving between the “before” and “after” stages ourselves. As you can tell from the title of this post, Josh and I just passed the two-year mark in…

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