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Month: May 2014

If you give this Kelly some hope ?>

If you give this Kelly some hope

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by a problem that all you want to do is close your eyes, plug your ears and say “la la la la” until the bad news goes away? Me too. I often feel this way when I turn on the news or visit some of my favorite environmental websites. It seems like there is an endless supply of bad news about the state of our environment. I intentionally educate myself about environmental issues because…

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Now and Then: Garden Edition ?>

Now and Then: Garden Edition

When I was growing up, our family had a small garden in our backyard. I’m sure we grew other things, but all I remember were the zucchinis. Oh, the zucchinis! My brother Corey loved to leave them on the vine to see how big they would grow. Of course extra-large zucchinis aren’t good for eating plain, so it meant that my mom made a lot of zucchini bread. Well, that and she gave away a lot of it. If you…

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