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Month: March 2014

A practical guide to getting rid of paper towels ?>

A practical guide to getting rid of paper towels

One of my favorite parts about having this blog is that friends and family are eager to tell me about their latest effort in their journey to be more sustainable. For example, several friends have started making almond milk after I wrote about how easy it is, others have started composting and many more people said they have a greater awareness of how their actions impact the environment. As someone who believes that small, individual actions do make a difference,…

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Our First House Anniversary! ?>

Our First House Anniversary!

You know the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”? Well that statement certainly rings true when it comes to our house, because as of today, March 17, it has already been one year since we moved in! We love our little house. It’s the perfect size for us and it has been so fun to work on it and make it our own. Sometimes I forget just how much we have done with it, but when I look at…

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Hell No, Don’t Waste H2O! ?>

Hell No, Don’t Waste H2O!

Have you ever heard the phrase “spend money like water”? If you aren’t familiar with it, it means if you spend money like water, you’re spending too much. I heard this phrase for the first time the other day and it got me thinking: that must mean that using water is synonymous with using too much. Why is that? I think part of the problem is that water seems to be in abundance, especially if you live in the rainy…

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