Garden happy ?>

Garden happy

Some exciting things are happening at the Merrick household this summer. No, these things do not involve babies or puppies (do you also feel like everyone is pregnant, just had a baby or brought home a puppy?!) but they are still exciting in our “we’re-new-homeowners-and-we-have-our-first-garden” world.

So without further ado, here is a fun little photo essay to show you what we’ve been harvesting from our backyard container garden. It might not be much, but just wait until next year – I have some big ideas!

peas, herbs, lettuce
cherry tomatoes
sugar snap peas

What are you growing in your garden right now? What’s your favorite thing to grow? And do you have any suggestions for winter crops I can grow in containers? 

2 thoughts on “Garden happy

  1. We grew lots and lots of zucchini from one plant. The tomatoes are stating to come in. My favorite thing though is the Serrano peppers.

  2. Dan, I plan on planting zucchini next year and am really excited about it. My mom had them in her garden when I was growing up and she made the best zucchini bread out of them. I am also growing some kind of pepper but we got the starts from one of Josh's former co-workers and he didn't tell us what variety they are. They're only about a 1/4″ long right now so I'm looking forward to figuring out what they are!

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