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Month: June 2013

First time home gardener ?>

First time home gardener

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had access to fresh, homegrown food. When I was growing up, our next door neighbors, who we affectionately called “Grandma Vi” and “Grandpa John,” even though they weren’t our real grandparents, had a great big garden. I distinctly remember spending time in the garden with Grandma Vi, exploring the vegetables she grew, and plucking carrots from the garden, washing them off and taking a bite with the green top still on, and exclaiming “What’s up, Doc?”…

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How to shop at a farmers market ?>

How to shop at a farmers market

A few weeks ago I wrote about how for many, cooking is a chore, a means to an end. Well, I have a feeling that many people look at grocery shopping that way too. But the good new is that you don’t have to. I probably sound like a broken record by now, but Josh and I do most of our shopping at the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University on Saturdays. It’s partially because we regularly volunteer at…

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