House update: furnishing our space ?>

House update: furnishing our space

Josh and I are finally feeling settled in our house. We’ve got some pictures up on the wall, a bed for our guest room and we recently took home some nearly-forgotten furniture out of our storage unit.

Before buying our house, we lived in a 490 square foot one bedroom apartment in NW Portland. Before that, we lived in campus housing on Linfield’s McMinnville campus where we had the luxury of using their furniture and before that, we lived with friends who furnished our apartments with their own stuff.

So when we bought our house, effectively doubling our square footage, we knew that meant we’d have to run out and buy furniture to furnish our newly-expanded space. However, due to the list of growing expenses we have been careful with our purchasing decisions thus far, hoping to save money and resources by purchasing used furniture.

our beautiful kitchen table

When we moved into our NW apartment we needed a few dressers to store our clothes. And because we were so anxious to get settled, we hastily bought a pair of dressers online that have turned out to be more cost and effort than they were worth. We decided to keep them, but I wish so badly that we had invested in a pair of higher quality dressers instead of spending $200 on a pair of cheap dressers.

So when we bought our house we promised each other that no matter how badly we want to be settled in, that we would not rush out and buy anything for our house without considering its quality, cost and functionality.

Lucky for us, we have very generous family and friends. Before we even moved in, my grandparents offered there spare table to use as our kitchen table. It’s a beautiful table that I grew up playing board games on with my siblings and cousins on, and it belonged to my great-grandmother Syma. It’s in amazing condition, is solid wood and I love that we have a family heirloom in our home. Plus, we have leaves for it so we can expand it anytime we have guests over.

There are other things we need for our house, but we are being extremely careful and want to make sure we are patient with other purchases we make. For example, we want to buy a chair, coffee table and a rug for our living room but we’re being patient and instead of running out to buy the first ones we find, we’re waiting to find ones that are good quality and will last a long time. We’re hoping they’ll be from a consignment or second-hand shop so we can avoid purchasing new, but we’ll have to see.

How about you? What do you consider when purchasing new furniture? Have you ever purchased something that you regret? 

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  1. Such a wise approach Kelly. And what a treasure to inherit your great grandmother's table!
    Just after we were married, we wanted to purchase bedroom furniture with money we had received for our wedding. It was important to us to identify furniture that was good quality and had been manufactured locally. We found a local dealer carrying Wood Castle furniture and have been very satisfied. It's nice to know that we'll have these pieces for years to come and we supported the local economy.

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