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Year: 2013

Windows to my heart ?>

Windows to my heart

Big (and expensive) things have been happening at the Merrick household this fall. Among other things (I’ll get to them later), we had new windows installed in October! The moment we closed on our house in March, we started planning to install new windows before winter. Let me list a few reasons why. They were:

Trash talk ?>

Trash talk

OK friends, now that the EcoChallenge is over, it’s time to talk some trash. Talk about our trash, that is. Because the waste audit videos I produced at the beginning of the challenge were so well received (they received a total of 58 views, woohoo!) I decided to create another one to show what garbage we produced during our two week challenge. Spoiler alert, we didn’t meet our challenge to become zero waste. But we certainly got close! After two…

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So Trashy ?>

So Trashy

The 2013 EcoChallenge has begun! And to celebrate, I started by digging through my trash. No, really, I did. But don’t worry, I wore gloves. Josh and I completed our waste audit yesterday to get ready for our 2013 Northwest Earth Institute EcoChallenge. That meant sorting through two weeks of trash (we left out the bathroom garbage for sanitary purposes) and identifying what we could avoid during the challenge and beyond. We also went through our recycling to identify items…

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