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Month: September 2012

EcoChallenge 2012: Introduction ?>

EcoChallenge 2012: Introduction

Like most people, I love a good challenge, especially when it comes to sustainability. So this year, when my company decided to start a team and participate in the Northwest Earth Institute’s 2012 EcoChallenge, I immediately decided that Josh and I needed pick something that would be a big challenge. As you know, we already do most of the basics – we recycle, compost, take public transit, buy local, and sustainable products. So I wanted to pick something that would…

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Saying no to wasting water ?>

Saying no to wasting water

As a marketer in the energy efficiency industry, I help produce a lot of materials about conserving energy and resources. Every day I work with statistics that tell us how much money, energy and water we can save by making certain upgrades in our homes. But as a tenant in an apartment building, many of these changes are out of reach. There are only so many changes you can make when you don’t own the building, because at some point…

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