Elimination Diet: Week 3 ?>

Elimination Diet: Week 3

I can hardly believe it, but today (Sunday) is the last day of our diet! Of course now we have to go through the process of reintroducing foods we eliminated, but we are DONE with eliminating everything, and I couldn’t be happier.

This week was the best week of them all. It was also the week I was also on the cleanse, which was, well, interesting. Most of my meals consisted of a liver cleanse, herbal powder and pureed fruit which did not taste great, but what WAS great was how much energy I had!
If you read last week’s post you probably picked up the fact that I was NOT happy. My mom actually called me to see if I was alright because I sounded so depressed! The truth was, I felt depressed. But NOT this week! This past week really solidified why Josh and I tried this diet, and why I committed to a cleanse as well. I feel so unbelievably good. I had tons of energy this week and I am so happy to say that of all of the symptoms I had before we started, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is either better or completely gone! Every. single. one. Including my acid reflux! Hallelujah!

This diet has been really empowering. For so long I thought that I would just have to deal with having severe acid reflux. But because of this diet, I now understand that I am in charge of my health. I can’t tell you how good that feels.

Now, comes the real test. Tomorrow we start the reintroduction phase of the diet. So, every other day we will reintroduce a new food group we eliminated, and the hope is that by reintroducing them one at a time, we’ll figure out what was causing my reflux (and other health concerns).

When we first started the diet, each of us made a list of all of the negative symptoms we were feeling. I put down about 11 symptoms ranging from my acid reflux to constipation, acne, dry skin and a few others that I won’t mention here. I put down everything I could think of, even if I wasn’t sure it was diet related.

So, now that we are done with our diet,  we will reintroduce foods one by one to see which one was the “problem food.” And because we are craving some bread, we have decided to reintroduce gluten as our first food group.

Here’s how it will go:

Delicious meal Sean made us!

On Monday we’ll reintroduce gluten – we’ll eat some bread, have some cereal, pasta, etc. for the first two meals of the day. Then we’ll cut it out again and keep it out until Wednesday. Then, if we go into Wednesday without feeling any “bad symptoms,”  then we are free to make gluten a regular part of our diet again. However, if we start to feel any of those symptoms, then we’ll continue to eliminate that food and also wait until the symptoms are gone before we can reintroduce the next one.

I am really looking forward to this part of the diet. Not only am I dying for a piece of bread, I am also dying to be social again! Even if I have to cut out certain food groups, I know it will be much easier than cutting everything out.

Here’s our projected reintroduction schedule for the first week, based on the foods we miss the most!

Monday, 5/14: Gluten
Wednesday, 5/16: Alcohol
Friday, 5/18: Dairy
Sunday, 5/20: Sugar

So we’ll just have to see what happens! I have a feeling that one of these four “food groups” is the culprit, but only the reintroduction phase will tell. And it will definitely be a challenge to not binge on these foods when we can eat them again! But if I can cut them out completely for three weeks, I can limit myself to one or two slices of bread, right? Right?

And last but not least, some of our food highlights from this past week:

  • Mushroom, kale and white bean soup
  • Salmon with an orange glaze (complements of Josh’s brother Sean)
  • Avocado & shrimp stuffed mushrooms (Sean)
  • Mashed root veggies (Sean)
  • Roasted asparagus (Sean)
  • Almond flour cookies with a strawberry-rose water sauce (definitely Sean!)
  • “Chicken and veggie pouches” on the grill
  • Spinach, strawberry and almond salad

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  1. This is so fascinating Kelly. I can't wait to hear how it goes. I was on the BRAT diet for a week and my constant congestion was completely eliminated and I've been meaning to do something to figure out what about that diet worked. You're right though it is easy at home and sooooo much harder on the go!

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