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Month: February 2012

These Boots Were Made for Walking… ?>

These Boots Were Made for Walking…

…and that’s just what they’ll keep doing, now that I’ve had them repaired! Because it is cold and rainy in Oregon most of the time, I wear boots frequently. They keep my feet warm and dry, and I can wear them with everything, from dresses to dress pants. Unfortunately, frequent wearing of my boots means that after a while they start to look a little tired, which is exactly what happened to my favorite pair of black wedge boots. I…

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Go Green With These Green Apps ?>

Go Green With These Green Apps

Are you as addicted to your iPhone as I much as I am? Because I love that thing. I use it as my calendar, address book, Internet provider, game console, e-reader, GPS, and because there are a bunch of really useful apps, I also use it to help me “be green.” So this post is all about the “green apps” I use, from finding local food to figuring out what seafood is the most sustainable to what products are best…

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Less Stuff, More Happiness ?>

Less Stuff, More Happiness

The other day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter. I’m not sure I believe it though, because it has been sunny and relatively warm here in Portland this week. And because the sun is out, all I can think of is how much I want Spring to be here already, so I can spend time outdoors, wear my sundresses, open the windows to let in the warm breeze, and of course, start my spring cleaning!…

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