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Month: January 2012

A Care Free, (Almost) Car Free Portland Lifestyle ?>

A Care Free, (Almost) Car Free Portland Lifestyle

I recently came across two articles that prove why I am proud to be an Oregonian. The first was a story in Sustainable Business Oregon’s e-newsletter that announced per capita car registration in Oregon has dipped 5 percent in the last three years. I have a feeling that’s, at least in part, because the Portland-Vancouver Metro area is now recognized as the second best US city to live in without a car. Before my husband Josh and I moved to…

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Healthy Eating on a Budget ?>

Healthy Eating on a Budget

As you may know, I am a contributor to my company’s corporate blog, where I write about topics similar to what I cover here. Recently, in a team brainstorm, one of my co-workers asked for help writing a blog about how to feed a family in an affordable and sustainable way. My answer: eat less meat and buy local food As you know, Josh and I buy most of our groceries at the PSU Farmer’s Market. While it might seem…

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