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Month: November 2011

How Many Planets? ?>

How Many Planets?

Last week I was asked to participate in an activity for a class I was attending through work. The activity was calculating my ecological footprint on the Global Food Network website, and I found the results to be really interesting, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. The activity asks you to give details based on your consumption and daily habits, such as how much meat and dairy you eat, how far you drive your car, what kind of…

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You Are What You Eat ?>

You Are What You Eat

Quick! If you’re eating something at this moment, stop and think about what makes up that food you’re eating. Where did it come from? What’s in it? That was the theme of last week’s discussion group: what’s in our food. And as a way to get us thinking about this question, we were asked to participate in a little exercise called “what’s in your pantry?” Our latest Farmer’s Market bounty. Looks pretty clear, but is anything hiding in this food?…

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Farming for the Future ?>

Farming for the Future

This session was one of those sobering sections that made me realize that the solution to the current food crisis is much larger than shopping at farmer’s markets. The focus of this week’s discussion was farming practices, and the fact that we cannot continue to feed our growing population the way we are currently producing food.