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Month: October 2011

Anonymous Food ?>

Anonymous Food

There is so much debate and information in our society today about what food you “should” be eating, whether you’re considering health, money or the environment, and that’s what we talked about in our discussion group this week. The subject of the chapter was “Anonymous Food,” which covered mostly industrial agriculture and its effect on our environment, as well as the future of our food. I think it’s important to know what goes into our food because as a whole,…

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What’s Eating America? ?>

What’s Eating America?

Last Wednesday was the first of many discussions in my NW Earth Institute “Menu for the Future” discussion group that I mentioned before and I have to say I’m even more excited for it now that it’s begun. What I like so much is that I am surrounded by like-minded people, all of whom have the same beliefs about food that I do, and who care about the many food issues surrounding our country. My family and friends support my…

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Food Obsessed ?>

Food Obsessed

I’m sure many of you already know this judging by this blog post, this blog post and this blog post, but I’m obsessed with food. Not an¬†unhealthy obsession, but instead the local, where my food comes from, how fresh it is, and the impact that our food has on the environment kind of obsession. So why I am I so obsessed with food? It begins with my interest in making sure the choices I make have as little negative impact…

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