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Month: June 2011

Not so Trashy ?>

Not so Trashy

As you probably know, I am an avid recycler and composter, and I hate throwing things away. So today, I thought I’d share a few ways we reduce the amount of trash we throw away. The bag in the photo below represents our garbage for three weeks, (well that was our best guess – we couldn’t remember exactly how long it had been since we last took it out) which includes the kitchen, office and bathroom. It consists mostly of…

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Happy Green Cleaning ?>

Happy Green Cleaning

I used to hate cleaning the apartment. It was stinky, a lot of work and I had to be careful what I wore so I wouldn’t splatter bleach on my clothes and ruin them. But that all changed when I discovered the wonder of “green cleaning,” or cleaning with non-toxic cleaning products. And while I wouldn’t say that I enjoy cleaning, I have found a way to at least tolerate it by using green cleaning products and methods. As part…

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