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Month: April 2011

Earth Day 2011 ?>

Earth Day 2011

I’d say Earth Day 2011 was a big success. I spent the day at Western Oregon Waste’s Recovery Zone, helping people and handing out recycling information. It probably sounds boring to you but the truth is, it was a really fun day. I got to combine two things I love: being in the sun and talking to people about recycling. Quite a few people thought I was a little weird for being excited to help them unload and sort recyclables,…

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Happy Earth Day and Welcome to My New Blog! ?>

Happy Earth Day and Welcome to My New Blog!

As you can see, I have a new blog! And because today is Earth Day, I figured there couldn’t be a better day to unveil my new sustainability blog. If you know me or have read my recent viewpoints article in the McMinnville News-Register, you probably aren’t surprised by this. If you don’t know me, well, I love anything having to do with sustainability. I’ve been wanting to write a blog focused on sustainability because it’s my passion and I…

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