Pollution Q&A With 10-Year-Olds ?>

Pollution Q&A With 10-Year-Olds

A few weeks ago I gave a talk about my sustainable lifestyle to a pretty important group of people. This group is going to save the world. Their enthusiasm for the environment can’t be matched, their creativity is unparalleled and they command the attention of our most prestigious educators. No, they’re not diplomats, scientists or business leaders. But they might be someday. For now at least, they are impressionable 10-year-olds in my friend Nicole’s fifth grade classes.

Master Meal Planning in 5 Steps ?>

Master Meal Planning in 5 Steps

This is part three of a series on reducing food waste. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  Oh, meal planning. It’s a chore nobody wants to do. But effective meal planning is the first step to reducing food waste and saving money on your grocery bill every week. Over the past few years, Josh and I have created a solid meal planning strategy that has drastically decreased the amount of food we waste and it has helped us save…

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This One’s For the Uterus: Waste-Free Periods ?>

This One’s For the Uterus: Waste-Free Periods

The irony that I am writing about periods on the eve of the inauguration for a President whose party is actively working to deny women access to reproductive healthcare does not escape me. I got my first period when I was 16, way later than all of my friends. I was very self-conscious about this fact, and as a result I never talked about periods, or any of the uncomfortable stuff that comes with them, with anyone. It wasn’t until I…

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