A Guide to Carrying Reusable Bags ?>

A Guide to Carrying Reusable Bags

I love reusable bags. They are attractive, durable and practical. If you’ve ever had the handle on your paper bag rip off, or the bottom of your plastic bag give away, you know what I mean. The comment I hear most often when it comes to reusable bags is something like this: “I have reusable bags but I always forget to take them with me.”  I had the same problem for a few years, until carrying them finally became second nature…

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Introducing Our Little Green Bean ?>

Introducing Our Little Green Bean

With overwhelming joy, Josh and I announce the birth of our daughter, Ari, via adoption! She was born perfect and healthy on August 21 at 5:29pm weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces and 21.5 inches long. We are so grateful to her first mama, “Mama T”, who so selflessly chose us to be her parents. We have waited a long time for the title of mom and dad and we have been soaking in all of her sweetness for the past month. It…

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Front Yard Makeover: Phase 1 ?>

Front Yard Makeover: Phase 1

March of this year marked four years in our home. As I have documented here and here (oops, missed the third year), we have been busy updating and upgrading the inside and back yard. But we left our front yard relatively untouched. We kept the weeds at bay (mostly), the grass mowed, and bushes trimmed, with plans to eventually update it. In June, Josh had two weeks of vacation to use or lose (I know, what a rough life). I, however, did…

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