Zero Waste On The Go ?>

Zero Waste On The Go

Earlier this year I wrote about our vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico and offered some tips for zero waste traveling. The habits we created on that trip really stuck, so I once we got home I put together an every day version of the kit and have been carrying it with me ever since. Convenience is key when we are on the go, I think that’s why disposable water bottles, utensils, bags and other single use items are so prevalent. But it…

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Carrots, Beets & Onions – Oh My! Garden Update 2016 ?>

Carrots, Beets & Onions – Oh My! Garden Update 2016

You know how parents take a million photos of their kids? Well right now my garden is my kid, because I take a lot of photos of it. I can’t help it; very day it’s fun to come home to see how much it has grown. I’m still in awe of how quickly plants can grow in the right conditions and thankful for the nights like last night, where I can harvest our dinner from the plants I’ve grown. It is…

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How Clean Is Your Water? ?>

How Clean Is Your Water?

Free flowing, clean water is a privilege I have always had. Even when I lived in Mexico my junior year of college and couldn’t drink from the tap, my host family provided clean water for me whenever I needed it. But when I learned about lead contamination in Flint’s water supply last year and more recently in Portland, I realized that I shouldn’t assume my water is clean. So I did something about it. Back in March we received a card in the…

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